Airwork Holdings Ltd


The Airwork Group holds a number of certifications which reflect our world-leading, in-house expertise and comprehensive service offering in helicopter and fixed wing engineering and maintenance support and flight operations..

In New Zealand the regulator of the aviation industry is the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) that is enacted by the Civil Aviation Act 1990. The Civil Aviation Amendment Act 1992 provides the rules and regulations that the CAANZ applies to all aviation activities in New Zealand. Under the Act, the companies within the Airwork Group have applied for and been granted a number of certifications.

These certificates are audited by the CAANZ on an annual basis and a re-entry audit is conducted every five years for each certificate.

Additionally, Airwork (NZ) Ltd's Ardmore facility is approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to provide maintenance for helicopters, engines and components.  This world recognised standard in certification has only been granted to a total of six companies in New Zealand, of which Airwork (NZ) Ltd is the only helicopter maintenance organisation.

The Airwork Group holds the following current CAANZ certifications:

Part 145: Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, Helicopter
Part 145: Aircraft Maintenance Organisation and Training, Fixed Wing
Part 19F: Supply of Parts, Materials, Fluids
Part 141: Aviation Training Organisation (Helicopters / Engineering)
Part 146: Aircraft Design Organisation
Part 148: Aircraft Manufacture Organisation
Helicopter Operations
Part 119: Air Operations Certification, Helicopters
Part 135: Air Operations, Light Helicopter
Part 137: Agricultural Aircraft Operations, Helicopter
Part 141: Aviation Training Organisation, Helicopter Pilot
Fixed Wing Operations
Part 119: Air Operations Certification, Fixed Wing
Part 121: Air Operations, Large Aircraft, Fixed Wing
Part 125: Air Operations, Medium Aircraft, Fixed Wing
Part 135: Air Operations, Light Aircraft, Fixed Wing
Part 141: Aviation Training Organisation, Fixed Wing Pilot
Overseas Certifications
Airwork (NZ) Ltd - Approved Maintenance Organisation Certificates
Canada: Transport Canada Approved
Airwork Flight Operations Limited - Foreign Air Operator Certificate
Vanuatu: CAA Republic of Vanuatu - International and Scheduled Charter B737-300 Freighter Operations
PNG: Maintenance Organisation Certificate (Airwork NZ Ltd)
Australia: Airwork Flight Operations Limited has regulatory approval to operate Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Passenger and Freight Operations throughout Australia through the TTMRA Legislation