Airwork Holdings Ltd

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Airwork (NZ) Ltd

Based at Ardmore Airport, Auckland, New Zealand, Airwork (NZ) Ltd has a unique depth of experience and capability in helicopter engineering and maintenance support that distinguishes us in the global aviation market.

Helicopter engineering is highly specialised. Airwork (NZ) Ltd provides routine and heavy aircraft maintenance and support in New Zealand and offshore and has the capacity to repair and overhaul engines and dynamic components for both its own fleet and external customers.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Helicopter Maintenance
  • Turbine Engine Centre
  • Dynamic Component Centre
  • Manufacturing Projects & Ancillary Workshops
  • Parts and Logistics
  • NDT

Many of Airwork (NZ) Ltd’s world-class engineering and maintenance facilities and capabilities have been independently endorsed by leading aviation companies. These include:

  • Approved Honeywell Service Centre
  • Eurocopter accredited Dynamic Component and Overhaul facility
  • Robinson Service Centre
  • Honeywell Avionics Service Centre
  • Garmin Distributor
  • Breeze Eastern Service Centre
  • Hoist Test Rig approved by Breeze Eastern
  • Eurocopter and BK117 Dynamic Component Test Benches

Airwork NZ holds certifications under NZCAA Part 146 Design, Part 148 Manufacturing, Part 145 Maintenance, Part 141 Training and Part 19F Supply of Parts. Our Dynamic Component Overhaul and Turbine Services divisions are certified by Transport Canada.

Airwork (NZ) Ltd operates in Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Queenstown, Timaru, Glentanner, Australia and Papua New Guinea. We also have maintenance teams that operate remotely throughout New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, Africa and Asia, as well as Surge Engineering teams that can travel to customer bases anywhere in the world.

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