Airwork is a Honeywell approved Service Centre and is CAANZ and EASA Part 145 approved.


honeywell service centre


Airwork avionic services are CAANZ and EASA Part 145 approved and offer complete inspection, repair, testing and installation services.

flightcell distributor

Flightcell offer a range of integrated cellular and satellite communication and tracking solutions for aviation.

  • DZMX - The world’s only all-in-one satellite and cellular solution for global voice, data and aircraft tracking.
  • Phone Cradles - For the Iridium 9555 and Extreme satellite phone handsets
  • Flightcell Pro - The worlds most versatile portable communications integration hub.
  • Wifi Router

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akv distributor

Offer a wide rande of AKV Engine Monitoring Systems

  • Engine Cycle Counters
  • Exceedance & Trend Monitors
  • Ancillary items


avidyne distributor

Offer a wide range of integrated Avionic Systems

  • New generation GPS Navigation Systems
  • Integrated Instruments
  • Digital Flight Control Systems
  • Traffic and Weather Detection Sensors


cobham distributor

Offer a wide range of Digital Audio Systems

  • Airborne Communication Systems
  • Audio and Radio Management Systems
  • Servers and Routers


avionics airwork instruments, airwork electrical, airwork avionics, avionics overhaul, repair, parts

Offer a comprehensive portfolio of Autopilots for helicopters

  • Analog and Digital Autopilots
  • 3D Synthetic Vision EFIS
  • HeliSAS Autopilot and Stability Augmentation Systems
  • Sensors and Components


aveo distributor

Offer a wide range of LED internal and External lighting

  • Nav-Position Strobes
  • Anti-collision Lighting 
  • Landing and Taxi Lighting
  • Miscellaneous and Accessories


jupiter avionics distributor

  • Aircraft intercom and Audio Systems
  • Dual Audio Panels
  • Intercom Amplifier
  • Wireless Intercom Systems


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Airwork is CAANZ and EASA Part 145 Approved for electrical component overhaul, and offers electrical inspection, modification, overhauls, repair and exchange services.

Below is a sample of our key components.

  • Starter Generator
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Transmitters
  • Actuators
  • AS350 / AS355 Master Electrical Boxes
  • Defog Blowers
  • Anti Collision Strobe Power Supplies & Strobe Lights
  • Blower Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Z1 cards
  • Landing Lights & Night Sun

Electrical Exchange Products

Product Part Number
Fuel Quantity Transmitter 64751-003-3
Fuel Quantity Transmitter 64751-101-1
Fuel Boost Pump 117-64151-03
Trim Actuator 2816
Starter Generator 23032 Series
Starter Generator 150SG Series
Emergency Exit Light Power Supply Unit 117-93039-03
Tacho Generator AG44
Master Electrics Box (RH) 480GC01Y03
Master Electrics Box (LH) 490GC01Y03
Fuel Boost Pump P94-C16-602
Oil Pressure Transducer 8107-101-00-12
Lighting Dimmer PCB 350A64-5182
Fuel Boost Pump 164A168-1
Landing Light G-8385-7
Static Inverter PC-250
Linear Actuator 1564T100-9
Blower Motor 50-55PFA2/9696
Pressure Switch 64301-030-1
GCU 51530-001EI
Bleed Air Shutoff Valve 979142-1-1
Tacho Generator 64550-023-1/22A6000
Search/Landing Light G-6250-4
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Airwork is CAANZ and EASA Part 145 Approved for instument repairs and overhaul, and offer instrument calibration, repairs and exchange services for:

  • Airspeed Indicators
  • Vertical Speed Indicators
  • Altimetersairwork avionics, torque gauge
  • Auto Pilot Components
  • Attitude Gyros Pneumatic & Electrical
  • Compasses Direct & Remote
  • Engine Guages
  • Electrical Indicators / Transmitters
  • Pressure Indicators & Transducer
  • Tachometers
  • Turn Co-Ordinators
  • Manifold Pressure Indicators
  • Magnetic Compassess
  • INSCO Engine Instruments

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