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Our priority is to keep our customers flying. With one of the largest inventory holdings in Australasia and a worldwide network of preferred suppliers we can offer a one stop shop for all your helicopter requirements.

  • BK117 Parts for Sale
    • Blades
    • Engines
    • Main Transmissions
    • Plus much more
  • AS350 Parts for Sale
    • Blades
    • Engines
    • Main Transmissions
    • Plus much more

Check out the Avionics components and parts specials in the brochure below

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Various Helicopter Parts available for sale below

Description Part Number
LTS101-600A3A Engine 4-001-000-31
LTS101-700D2 Engine 4-001-000-33
LTS101-650B-1 Engine 4-001-000-12
LTS101-750B-1 Engine 4-001-000-25
LTS101-850B-2 Engine 4-001-000-42
BK117 Main Transmission 117-12005-01
BK117 Main Transmission 117-120061
EC145 Main Transmission B632K1001051
BK117 Main Rotor Blades 117-151521
BK117 Main Rotor Blades 117-151531
BK117 Main Rotor Blades 117-151451
BK117 Main Rotor Blades 117-151441


Component Exchange / Rental Pool

We hold a comprehensive pool of exchange and rental components available for immediate dispatch to help with maintenance scheduling and to keep you flying.

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